Doré des Bernardins 2022

Doré des Bernardins 2022

The Doré des Bernardins is a highly perfumed wine, a dry muscat with unctuous mouth – feel and lenght.



Spreads out over the south-east side of the Dentelles de Montmirail hills, in Beaumes de Venise in the southern part of the Rhone valley.


On a poor sandy, hungry and arid soil consisting of tender limestone and gritty zones of sandy mollasse.

In the vineyard

The vineyards and their terroir are the essence of our wines. This is where everything starts and where we focus our efforts throughout the year. You can’t make great wine without great grapes.

The viticulture is essentially done by hand. Five people work full-time in the vineyards. They are supplemented by seasonal employees who work during bunch thinning and the harvest in order to bring out the very best in our vines. Working by hand and the attention each vine gets are fundamental. Pruning, de-budding, trellising, leaf removal and picking are thus carried out by hand with the utmost care.

We prepare the soil by using good old-fashioned ploughing. Organic compost is made from grape marc (the discarded stalks and skins).

We use and abide by countrywide standards for ‘sustainable agriculture’.

As a way of protecting the plants, we only use phytosanitary products when necessary and within strict guidelines by staggering the treatments appropriately, to minimise the amount of chemicals used. We prefer to use as much as possible manual and organic techniques. Leaving natural grass cover, removing buds and leaves from the vines, preserving biodiversity around the vineyard: olive, almond and cypress trees, wild rosemary and capers.


Our Doré des Bernardins is a dry white wine that we only produce in years when the Muscat à petits grains crop is large enough. We pick the grapes at the same ripeness level as for the Vin Doux Naturel. In contrast to Muscat de Beaumes, the fermentation isn’t stopped, giving a fruity dry wine with intense Muscat aromas.

Alcohol content


Allergens (sulfites)

Contains sulphites

Allergens (egg)

Does not contain egg or egg products

Allergens (milk)

Does not contain milk or milk-based products


Muscat à petits grains blancs : 100 %

Tasting tips


Best drunk within 2 years at 8°C


The Doré des Bernardins is a highly perfumed wine, a dry muscat with unctuous mouth – feel and lenght.

Food pairings

Delightfully lively and fresh, it would be especially good with seafood such as tuna, shellfish, prawns, or anchovies, with asparagus or vegetables dishes. It will match with basil, coriander, ginger or fennel spiced dishes.

Reviews & awards

"Un nez fringant, agrumé, très muscat, c'est-à-dire irrésistible, qui introduit une bouche légère, bien équilibrée et parfumée, évoquant les boissons d'été infusées d'agrumes. La finale joue sur les fleurs et le zeste pour prolonger le plaisir, c'est délicieux, désaltérant et prêt à boire."
- Olivier Borneuf
La Tulipe Rouge , 2023-07-04
"Le muscat sec des Bernardins séduit par ses arômes croquants de fruit et par la maîtrise de l'exubérance de ce cépage. Le vin respire le muscat sans être entêtant. La bouche confirme cette élégance de style."
- Olivier Poussier - Meilleur sommelier du monde 2000
La Revue du Vin de France , 2023-09-14